ShiftLib: A CMS and PHP framework

Sites developed and hosted by ShiftCreate access a core library of components called ShiftLib. The library contains popular open source libraries such as jQuery and Lightbox as well as ShiftCreate modules including CMS and template system.

So what does this mean for you?

Proactive support

ShiftLib enables us to proactively support your website. When certain script errors occur or pages are not found we are automatically notified and can fix the problem behind the scenes before anyone else notices. This can also lead to improved...


Notifications of errors can enable us to see if anybody is trying to hack your website. We can then take appropriate measures. Updates to the library may also include security fixes to further keep the hackers at bay.


From time to time we will introduce new features into the library as well as refining existing ones. This will make systems we develop even more functional and  robust.


By keeping the libraries up-to-date we ensure that the key components of your website will always work well in the latest and greatest browsers.

tpl format

tpl format is a templating system and core component of ShiftLibrary. It has been built from the ground up and structured with both designers and developers in mind. Designers are not expected to be coders but should know their way around HTML. Learn more with the tpl format crash course.


Shiftlib provides many useful php functions.
ShiftLib functions



Shiftlib provides some useful php classes. These classes are automatically loaded and available to use.

Authentication class

CMS class

Pagination Class

Ecommerce Class